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About Prairie Farm Supply

Our Company

Prairie Farm Supply is a feed manufacturing company in Belle Plaine, MN. We are a family-owned farm store, specializing in feed manufacturing for all farm animals. We supply pre-mixed and complete feed, bagged and bulk.


We currently have employees who care for and feed their own flocks and/or herds of chickens, cows, geese, goats, hogs, horses and other livestock animals.

Our employees really know what they are talking about because they face the same obstacles our customers face on a daily basis when it comes to managing livestock. When a customer comes in with a specific question related to care or feed, a lot of times our own employees can answer the question on the spot.

In the event that a customer asks a technical question related to vet care, we have access to several suppliers that have PhD's in animal science and vets on staff. If we can’t answer a technical question for a customer, we can always hunt the answer down in a hurry.


Alan Lenzmeier originally worked for Prairie Farm Supply for over nine years before purchasing the company. He grew up on a dairy farm in Shakopee as a kid and studied accounting in college and wound up getting into that before he settled back into his original farming roots in Belle Plaine.

Employment Opportunity


We have full and part-time employees. We've made a special effort to offer work-study opportunities to local high school students who are interested in agricultural science. We have a number of high school kids who are interested in studying ag science once they get into college. Working at Prairie Farm Supply gives these students a firsthand look at what life on a farm means to livestock farmers.

We typically hire full-time employees with a strong agricultural background specifically in livestock.

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